Pardo Kids Digital Camera

We are a company specializing in manufacturing digital image camera products for over 10 years. And around 4 years ago kids camera has become popular from China to all over the world. We have been developing models ever since then and has been selling many OEM kids cameras to overseas market including but not limited to Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and USA, etc.

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Why choose our kids digital camera

When you select kids digital camera there are surely many concerns on your list. One of the top concerns is that you want to buy models from a professional company. We are a company specializing in manufacturing digital image camera products for over 10 years and kids camera business more than 4 years.

Our professional technical support and market analysis will help you get into this business very quickly and much easier and help you have an overall understanding of the kids camera industry. Most of our employees are sophisticated in this image camera filed and many of them have technical background.

As you can discover we have a wide range of product model for you selection, ranging from basic kids camera to multifunction kids camera including but unlimited to walkie-talkie camera, NES camera, bubbling camera, cartoon camera, instant print camera etc. What’s more we are keep developing new models with updated function every year.

The rich product line and dedication in kids camera filed can surely fulfill your selection demand in kids camera. Even if all of our present models cannot live up to your expectations, we can ODM for you, specially customize and design models based on your original idea, which we guarantee to be confidential and you information is safe with us. After all, developing models and put your creative idea into practice is another strong advantage of our company.

We have been selling to both domestic Chinese market and overseas market, therefore has more experience to cope with overseas customers than our competitors. We know our customers demand, pay attention to details down to even a package box colour. Detail grasp and customer satisfactory has been our rule.

Most of overseas customers especially the E-commerce sellers will have puzzle in MOQ when first starting kids camera business. If cope with our company, then this is easy to solve. In normal condition, as most of models we have either flow stock or ready material in stock, because we are selling and shipping per day, our response speed is very quick to send customers sample and small batch quantity order. This greatly relieve the pressure and capital tense for customers.

Another big advantage to choose our kids camera and Pardo as your kids camera supplier is that we run full inspection of every single pieces before shipping out of factory. Over these several years, we have zero compliant of product failure regarding kids camera. Small quantity of kids camera disfunction we will either offer spare units for you or send you spare parts for your own repair, if you prefer, which method as some of our customers in Korea, Israel are adopting.

Our company is also a company with healthy cash flow and always keeps good relationship with upstream supplier like LCD, PCBA, battery, Camera Lens. During 2020 and 2021 these harsh market condition, many of our competitors are difficult to get raw material to deliver cargo to customer in time, but our company performance is good as we can get the best material with lower price to guarantee our customer’s benefit. And ensure a good lead time. Plus, we can accurately grasp the market trend and pulse of kids camera, and share the precious information and our own understanding to our customers, which add our company value too.