We are a company specializing in digital image camera products for over 10 years. And around 4 years ago kids camera has become popular from China to all over the world. We have been developing models ever since then and has been selling many kids camera model to overseas market including but not limited to Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and USA, etc.

Our kids camera model includes different tooling or housing one and different function models, for example kids camera with walkie talkie, waterproof kids camera, kids camera with NES game, kids camera with bubbling function, kids projector camera, kids instant print camera, etc. And we are still developing new models every year.

Kids camera market is still a young and sunrise market and are growing per year. But over these years competition has become fierce. No matter you are traditional B2B brand owners or supermarket purchasers, or Amazon and ebay shopee sellers, gift shops or distributors, or running facebook and youtube promotion channels, you can feel free to start this business.

Our professional technical support and market analysis will help you get into this business very quickly and much easier and help you have an overall understanding of the kids camera industry. If you are already quite sophisticated in this industry then feel relieved as our kids camera price is always very competitive in market. And most of our customers are willing to co-operate with us for years after the initial co-operation stage.

As mentioned above the selection of kids camera supplier is a crucial factor for your successful promotion. A successful kids camera development will require experienced creative and proper function definition, ID design, MD structure design, assembly convenience and availability, tooling stage, software optimization, highly cooperated supply chain, sophisticated assembly experience and promised after-sales service. With lack of any session maturity you are putting your kids camera business or kids camera development journey into uncertainty and unpredictable risk.

Another important factor for a successful kids camera OEM business is the customization. Above development elaboration is the deeper level of camera for kids development. Yet the basic customization or OEM and ODM is also important. Customization of the silk print on the kids camera itself and the package gift box, carton and blister we are also quite elite in handling.

During all theses years cooperation with foreign customers we have been asked by customers for help simply because their other suppliers have difficulty to offer a satisfactory package or pattern design on giftbox. To avoid this issue in advance we have prepared quite complete document for example like the silk print position for each model of the kids camera so the customers can make design at first, plus our sampling speed for the camera box and silk print is very fast too to ensure a quick lead time. For our normal models the lead time can be shortened to 7 or 10 days for a large quantity and if for small quantity we have ready stock that can ship right away.

We are without any doubt the most professional in the kids camera field, more importantly we are dedicated in this industry. After many years collaboration with the supply chain here in Shenzhen we are capable to offer you latest and most pertinent suggestion for your selection of kids camera model.