Big screen kids camera are becoming all the more popular since last year end. Back before, 2 inch and 2.4inch small size screen kids camera takes the mainstream. But now more and more customers are interested in big screen kids camera. Under this category, apart from all basic function of an elementary kid camera, big screen is its most distinguished feature. We offer a wide arrange of big screen kids camera from 2.8 inch, 3.5 inch to 4.39 inch screen, among which 3.5 inch is the most popular so far. Big screen kids camera enable users or Children to have a more joyful and gorgeous visual experience while taking photo and viewing album on kids camera device. Recently big screen kids camera also has the trend to be slim frame, therefore despite the screen size is getting bigger, the whole unit dimension is not that exaggerating to guarantee kids can grasp the device without difficulty.

Big Screen Kids Cameras For Sale

P18 Camera main image
3.5 Camera main image
3.5 inches back
C7 back With shell
C4 PING back
S5 After left oblique 45 °