Can I apply water-printing or print colorful design on kids camera ?

E2 model can do the effect you need as you can check below barbie OEM effect we produced:

barbie-silk-print water transfer -1 bb silkprint 2

P17, P30, P18, P19, X18, P8– These models some are flat front tooling some are with curve surface.

For flat one i.e. P17 P19 X18  we can adopt colour print- which is of cheaper cost , effect similar like this :

silkprint effectsCOLOR print


For the curved surface one we can use two craft to achieve,

1. is water transfer- but cannot guarantee the same position on each single unit.

Let me illustrate : pic. pattern on each device is irregular and random


2. water sticker that can stick large curved surface with more accurate position but cost much higher.

This is the water sticker effect we made for domestic customer.

water sticker 1

So in all, we can make as you needed effect, we have the confidence, but depends on the pattern whether you need to pinpoint accurate position on each unit device? or just random series pattern?




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