Literally speaking, cartoon kids camera maintains all basic feature and function of basic kids camera, on this basis it develops a cute design tooling shape. All too often it goes with an optional silicon cover that comes out with different animal mimic image shape like dog, cow, owl, bear, duck and rabbit etc.

Cartoon Kids Cameras For Sale

X5S Camera main image.png 4
X11 Camera main image
X9 Back with leather case
X18 With silicone sleeve
4K back
V8 back
269 Camera housing 4
P22 back
168L After left oblique 45 °
C3 back
P23 After left oblique 45 °

Camera Advantages

Part of the model like X11 simply adopts a cartoon lens cover rather than whole unit cartoon cover. Whereas some model like T5 cow camera integrates the whole unit to be a cartoon cow mould, no need for silicon cover at all. Cartoon kids camera is comparatively more popular in domestic mainland China, Asian countries like Japan and Korea also the middle east market. Another reason to influence the cartoon kids camera market could be the culture difference, without thoroughly knowing and avoiding certain culture taboo and just to develop cartoon camera with passion is easily confronted with Waterloon or failure as different country has various preference for cartoon figure or animal figure. In this sense, cartoon kids camera is with a narrower client range than basic kids camera.