Elementary kids camera or basic kids camera has always been the mainstream in the market. Basic kids camera models are all with photo and video function as real digital camera. Apart from that, funny photo frame and photo colour filter are also standard configuration. Photo and video album are equipped too to allow end users to view the precious image on device itself. Menu setting to select photo pixel and video resolution and multi-language are also default setting to let global users play it without pressure.

Elementary Digital Kids Cameras For Sale

E6 long lens-back-right-oblique-45°
X2 pro camera front 3
Flip cam front

Camera Functions

Some of the elementary kids camera are also with MP3 function. Elementary kids camera normally adopts a widely adopted size screen as 2 inch or 2.4 inch and with comparatively smaller battery ranging from 400mah to 600mah. Meanwhile basic kids camera more often adopts a plain but neat ID design to enlarge a widest range of customers. Without distinguished features or astonishing shape, basic kids camera is definitely a mainstay of the kids camera market. Elementary kids camera bring the essence of a kids camera to most extent. With relatively fair and low price, it is popular for OEM customer, cross boarder sellers and presents company. We have many models of elementary kids camera and are keep developing various design models to let customer catch the market trend. Meanwhile we run strict quality check for every single pieces of basic kids camera to let customers buy with without mental burden.