How to copy and transfer video and pictures to smartphone after shooting image via kids camera?

We are often asked by clients about how to transfer photo to smartphone or computer, after kids taking photo or video via their own common function kids camera or multi function kids camera for example with print function one.

To answer this questions let’s take a look at the memory system of kids camera at first. Kids camera memory generally includes two parts, one is system memory for running system, this part ranges only from 2MB to 8MB only. It normally does not play the role of storage photo or video. If need storage picture or video can select different capacity micro sd card counting from 1GB -32GB.

We can however make it non-memory card storage by enlarging system memo to storage around 20-50 pictures maximum but need to produce new pcba to cope with this demand. Namely new OEM kids camera device. Cost will be slightly higher than normal general version of kids camera too. One thing we do have to pay attention is that this pictures or videos stored on system memory is barely impossible to copy out or transfer to other 3rd party storage. Main reason is because system memory is for running the system therefore there’s certain protection program to keep it overwrite and mis-operated by end uses.

With this basic understanding let’s get back to transfer issue. Normal operation we do is to use micro USB cable to connect the kids camera to pc and copy your files or pictures.

Another popular way in kids camera market is we can use card reader to transport data to computer.

Simply take out the micro sd card you use for taking photo in kids camera, and put it in card reader and plug in the computer you will be able to view this interesting picture and videos that you or your kids taken.

Another issue that customer often concern is are these kids camera with Bluetooth or wi-fi function. Most of the either single function or multi-function kids camera are without Bluetooth. We do have one or two models with Bluetooth however, which you can refer to our product elaboration page. Wi-fi function is slightly more common in kids camera business than Bluetooth.
Yet wi-fi version kids camera needs corresponding app on smartphone to co-operate with device, which seldom developed by chipet factory or design house now. We also have a few models with wifi function print camera, but not too much. For single function digital kids camera taking photo and video only, wifi technology is seldom adopted. A few years ago we developed more wi-fi function models, but seldom interested by customer and seldom sold, therefore many models cease to produce anymore.

Are there any other way to transfer video and pictures to smartphone though, apart from above mentioned using micro usb cable or card reader or wi-fi technology? Answer is yes, there’s another convenient way to transport data to phone using OTG cable. Below we will make a detail steps elaboration of how to do so.

How to import a child’s camera into a mobile phone after taking photos

First premise is that your phone needs to support OTG function.

Using devices – camera, memory card, OTG capable charging cable, OTG adapter, OTG capable phone (Below demonstration model is Xiaomi 12S)

Step 1:

When the children’s camera is turned on, insert a charging cable that supports OTG function and connect it to the phone through the OTG adapter. At this time, the phone will pop up a USB flash drive. Click Browse to enter the camera file browsing page.

Step 2:

After entering the browsing page, click on the IMG or PHOTO folder to view the photos taken by the children’s camera. If you want to watch the video, click on the VIDEO folder.

Step 3:

If you want to save a photo or video on your phone, long press the image and select the image you want to save. Click More – select Copy to Directory – click Memory Storage Device – find the DCIM file and select Save. Then you can import photos of children’s cameras into your phone.


As mentioned in session 1, the camera itself does not have large memory and requires a memory card to be inserted before storing photos or videos (some cameras can support taking 50 photos without a card). Therefore, during the OTG function, the camera needs to insert a memory card.

Other models demonstration:

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