How to OEM kids digital camera?

Need to OEM kids digital camera? Where can I customize kids camera? I want to develop a new kids camera, how do you make a camera for kids? If you have such puzzle you will definitely find below article helpful.

What aspects can we customize the kids camera

You can ask us to customize both the outside and inside of the kids digital camera. Outside aspects include the giftbox or box, user manual, silk print on device, accessories, outside carton, surface treatment pattern.

Inside aspects include powering on animation or pictures, turning off logo, language, pixel and video resolution menu, function UI icon.


What is the cost of developing a completely new kids digital camera?

Two big aspects of expenses will be generated. One is function development fee or simple call development fee. Another is tooling expenses. For normal function kids camera tooling is not expensive and development fee too. It can easily be handled within or around 20K USD, depends on the project and tooling difficulty. But the premise is you need to have volume for the kids digital camera. If the quantity is too small then recommend you not to open a new project as the production will be a problem and almost all the supply chain here in Shenzhen required volume to support the mass production.

Other expenses which normally incur is 3D rendering and MD design, 3D prototype sample cost and function mock up sample. Function mock up sample can be expensive as seemingly real as a final model. We normally come to this stage before actually invest in to tooling open stage as to approve the structure MD engineering correctness. There could also be small expenses as package design and sampling based on the final sample.

What is the process of developing a kids camera or ODM?

Before you come to discuss with us for the kids camera ODM issue I believe you already have a very preliminary skeleton of what you want us to develop, what function and what product feeling for which selling market. If unfortunately not, then feel relieved to share with us your opinion and comment for any potential in your market. Feel free to rely upon us because discussion can always generate some good result and surprise which is helpful to sort out an idea for you.

After we finalize the product definition and market orientation, we need to come out a ID together. You can send us your ID from your engineer or can nominate us to design the ID for you. If it’s a completely new kids digital camera function product then we need to make a developing board with no requirement for shape at all to verify the function at first.

Otherwise the investment will be futile if we cannot achieve realization of the function you want. This developing board stage may take long or short, if it is totally new. If there’s no special added requirement then we can jump directly to MD structure process with our professional MD engineer to work, which normally take around 7 to 12 days.

Then we will launch the PCBA process in the meantime and assemble a function sample for your approval. If you need to check the sample like taking a vivid sample in hand for evaluation, we can make a vivid function tooling sample for you. If not, we can use the direct 3D print prototype to approve it for inner company usage.

If everything goes smoothly, we can move on to the PCBA modification and T1 stage for the tooling and formally open the tooling which can take around 30 days to 45 days depending on the tooling difficulty. Then we will take a second run checking of the function realization and the tooling assembly availability then we can launch the SP(kids camera small production) then finally we can do the MP( mass production) and you will get your dream cargo in hand.

In all process you can feel relieved as we have the  most experienced engineer and co-operated tooling house and design house which are all over 10 years working in the industry.

What customer need to prepare in order to develop kids camera?

  1. Idea and market anticipation for the designed model
  2. Capital for development
  3. A person or project manager to coordinate with us. It is better that this person in charge is with simple knowledge for project development. If not it is also ok as long as he is willing to spend time and energy to discuss with us for tangible issues.
  4. Thorough communication and a cooperation manner. Developing a new kids camera model or project for you is not easy, there might be many problems predictable or unpredictable in the process, and the schedule cannot be 100% on time too. If you have difficulty to understand this and cannot reach consensus with us then we’d better not to start the project in first place. You can simply buy our present models which is mass production.

Will my creative idea for kids camera be safe with you?

You can feel relieved for this part as we will sign NDA with you before development process. All material, document and pictures you share with us is strictly confidential and safe. We shall not release your idea for any other market usage except to our cooperated partner and inner employee for development.

If however, we do feel like we can also sell your ideal model, we shall notify and discuss in first place with you to get your approval. Only if you agree or we can meet your requirement or condition, for example selling in different areas or countries other than yours, will be have any promotional activity afterwards. And you can raise your demand too like for example to charge the license per every single pcs we sell for you for your specifically customized model.

Time of developing a kids camera

Biggest factor that influences the kids camera development lies in the modification level based on the original camera.

If simply modify the tooling case on our current model and remains all original function, then around 2 months is enough to open a new tooling and do the PCBA layout. It could take slightly longer time for the SP(small production) because of raw material ready time is unpredictable this year 2021, but in most of the circumstances the material preparation is not that hard.

ID design time is not counted. We can design the ID for you and if you have ready ID in mind or from your designer it shall be easier to carry on the kids camera development process.

Aspects that will influence the cost and performance of kids camera

There are a few main parts for the kids camera that plays important part.


How many kids digital camera screen size are there in market? For size configuration, the most widely adopted screen in kids camera is 2.0 inch , 2.4 inch and 3.5inch. Some of our models adopts 4.39inch screen. Among which 2.0 and 2.4 is most common.

Screen definition

For each size for example like the 2.0 inch screen there are common definition screen and high definition screen applied in kids camera. High definition screen is with brighter and clearer display effect and of course the price is much higher than the common definition screen. For a same kids camera model and same size, for example E6 camera you can also select your preferred screen configuration to cope with your market demand and product orientation.

Tooling or housing case

Kids camera tooling influence and decide how the kids camera look like and what shape it come out to be embodied in front of end users. The appearance of the kids digital camera is a very important selling point or to some extent the crucial factor without exaggeration partly due to the end user group is kids that are more easily attracted by a good looking design.

Tooling or housing case does not count a big cost part in the total kids camera BOM cost. About how to select a kids camera surface treatment craft you can refer to our article “How many surface treatment type for kids camera?”


The first question most of our OEM or ODM customers will have interest to know is what is the chipset of the kids camera. Chipset or application processor is the main electronic parts on the kids camera PCBA.

Kids camera chipset mainly includes Sunplus, general plus, appotech and jieli, coming from Taiwan and mainland China. These chipset are also widely used in action camera, digital camera etc. They may not be as comprehensive as chipset used in smartphone or tablet pc, but are very focusing and with amazing performance in image and video process.


PCBA takes a big share of a kids camera material cost and is the very basic foundation of how the software performs. Shenzhen is the place where most of the kids camera design house centralized, if you want to develop new models or alter kids camera functions can always contact us for a meeting or discussion. With many years accumulation and good partnership with different chipset design house we are capable to put your great product idea into practice.

Camera module

Camera module is also a basic but important part in kids camera. Most widely used camera module as mentioned before is 0.3M and 1.3M. But do pay attention that even under same 0.3Mega pixel hardware there are still many model to be selected and come out with different performance effect. Like for 0.3M there’s 0308, 0309, 7670 module all with different price and image capacity performance.

Pardo will discuss with customers clearly your demand and give professional advice based on your budget. This is a step that most of kids camera manufacture unable to offer you. Some of them may lag far behind the market and can give you outdated advice, some of them do not have professional employee to give you correct suggestion. Here in Pardo our employees are all with either technical background or long time working experience in the kids camera industry.


Battery is the power source for kids digital camera. For the power supply in kids camera mostly used is the Polymer lithium battery which is with smaller size and enough power supply.

Other possible option is 18650 battery and AA or AAA battery as more often used in kids toy. We also have a model that used lithium battery with cover as normally seen in action camera.

Let’s focusing on lithium battery and make a basic analysis. For small size and elementary level kids camera we normally adopts the 400mah battery, which is already quite higher than most of the manufacturers of kids camera in Shenzhen.

Some of them use 200mah battery only and because the silk print on battery itself is easier to modify and paint, purchasers of the brand owner have big difficulty in differentiating the fact by themselves. We pardo however sincerely announce that for every customer we will tell them the real battery capacity we use, and only with customer’s consensus will we be painting the silk print higher than battery real capacity.

Other battery capacity we selects includes but unlimited to 600mah, 650mah, 800mah, 1000mah, 1200mah, etc. For example the kid instant print camera we uses 1000mah as print head requires much bigger power than normal kids camera.

Also if you have specific battery demand for example like Korean customer they require KC test for the battery, we are capable to supply.

For the most popular model E6 model if you are amazon sellers then we can give you tip , incase you have difficult to select, that a lot Amazon sellers use 650mah full capacity battery. But the silk painting on battery can be 850mah or higher.



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