How to start kids camera business?

To start kids camera business, you need to have a systematic knowledge for kids camera, from kids camera software to hardware, and market information like what certification you need to get to start kids camera business. Also you need to know some basic OEM business of how to cooperate with kids camera factories to customize your ideal kids camera model and function. Below we shall have a systematic analysis of kids camera product.

Why we do kids camera business?

Are there some advantage of kids camera product compared to other consumer electronics?

Kids camera market was an NICHE MAREKT years ago. Apart from quite a few big brand seller in market the competition is not fierce and the participants in kids camera market is not as huge as the consumer electronics like iphone charge/case/Bluetooth speaker at all.

These two years with more sellers and manufactures joining in, the profit has already slide a lot. But it is still a market that can win by special feature or distinguished design or fast supply etc. Also the defective rate is not high at all and controllable. The usage of kids camera is easy to understand by both kids and parents. You can save a lot of time and energy to coach your customers on usage. Defective rate is low too. You can refer to “What are the normal after sales problem for kids camera”

If you are overseas OEM customers we normally send you some spare parts together with the mass production cargo, even around 1% or 0.5% spare units can cover your after sales service which is a long lasting business you can feel relieved to jump in. Another aspect is about the cost. The cost a kids camera model can vary starting from 5USD only to 20 or 30USD. It is not a business request huge cash flow or capital.

Tips for beginner of cross boarder E-commerce sellers

If you are quite interested in starting your B2C business in camera for kids filed, and have difficulty to select models or tooling, our kind suggestion will be to select an elementary model and already good selling model like E6 for example. But of course you will have doubt in mind that these good seller models are with fierce competition, which I fully agree. However compared to the risk and difficulty to invest you capital into a bright new yet unpredictable and unguaranteed end user popularity,

choosing an already good selling model is better. A new kids camera model will take you much longer to cultivate and guide end users to accept it. Selecting a popular model may be of huge competition but we Pardo are here to support you with professional kids camera knowledge and good price.

In combination you can select a kids camera with special function like our instant print kids camera or the NES game camera or the waterproof kids camera to form a product mix. And gradually enrich your kids camera product line.

What special certification I need to get?

CPC test is normally requested by Amazon platform as kids camera can be ascribed to the kids toy category. CPC test is easy to pass and with testing period only around 2 weeks with expense only around or less than 400USD. Our models can pass CPC but because we do not run B2C business by ourselves, we did not submitted models to pass these test by ourselves. If you want a CPC reference sheet we can send you for a check.

Also we can offer the contact method of testing lab in Shenzhen that take this CPC test business. In all you can feel relieved that it is not a difficult test for our kids camera.

What is the video resolution and image pixel of kids camera

The most adopted kids camera module is 0.3M and 1.3M pixel one. Pay attention that this is just hardware configuration. Almost 99% of the kids camera in market adopts these 2 configurations only, by knowing this knowledge will enable you to tell the kids camera model difference a lot easier.

We are always asked by customers esp. the Amazon sellers about whether our camera can meet their software requirement. Let’s illustrate as below E6 model

1080P and 2000W Pixels

2000W Front and rear dual cameras, HD picture quality. Kids can take pictures and videos. And they can take a selfie, or they can take any person, food, scenery or animal they want to take.

Here the 2000w pixel is the software interpolation data. If you have no idea of what is interpolation you can check next “What is interpolation pixel”

What is interpolation pixel in a kids camera

To put it shortly, interpolation pixel is the actual pixel formed by the photosensitive device in the digital camera. Through the built-in software in the camera, based on the actual photosensitive image pixels, and using a certain calculation method, new pixels are generated and inserted into the gap adjacent to the original pixels, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the total number of pixels and increasing the pixel density.

Therefore as mentioned above, we need to jump out of these 2000w or the 20Mega pixel as we call more often. The software menu in kids camera you as an OEM ODM customers can always customize and simply ask us Pardo tech to adjust the software for you. As below

E6 camera image pixel UI

This is a model with 0.3Mega pixel hardware only but in the menu you can choose to keep as our original menu or modify for example save only 8M 16M and 1M.

Is interpolation widely adopted in kids camera market

Yes. Interpolation is adopted widely in camera market and kids camera market. Most of the brand owners mark the interpolation pixel data on their package. In the consumer end market there’s barely brand owners that mark the hardware data instead they advertise as the pixel and video resolution that software can reach.

What storage method the kids camera adopts?

Our kids camera PCBA contains small capacity of memory aiming to run the kids camera system only, not aiming to storage pictures or videos. Technically speaking however, if customer want to store the pictures and videos in camera device itself and not using the micro SD card it is technically workable by enlarging the memory storage capacity on PCBA. Two issue to pay attention to nevertheless,

one point is adding the memory on PCBA will generate cost rise. Another point is despite the fact that after enlarging the memory on PCBA you can take pictures and videos without putting in the micro SD card, it is impossible for end user to transfer or copy these pictures and videos into computer or 3rd party storage media.

Some of the customers or buyers will not choose to make this alteration due to the kids camera end users might consider it as a bug that they cannot transfer the data out, which will generate end users complaint as a disaster. Esp. the amazon sellers. It is responsible for us to inform you this fact as a professional kids camera company and the decision is yours to make what storage method you prefer to use.

Card reader 2.0 or 3.0   3.0 card reader is expensive therefore most of our customers select 2.0 card reader only.

Sticker if customers do not have special requirement we will just send the sticker as random pattern and design. Customer can also appoint supplier for the kids camera sticker.

How many surface treatment type for kids camera?

For a single kids camera tooling it can be developed as different surface treatment. Most elementary one is plastic mould without any painting.

E6 Rear right oblique 45° E6 Positive and left oblique 45° E6 back

Then comes with rubber oil painting.

Also of kids camera shinny or glossy effect oil painting.

P3 back P3 front P3 After left oblique 45 °

Models our company Pardo can manufacture

The models we listed here on Pardo website is the regular models we selected for you to take a view. There are hundreds of thousands of tooling in Shenzhen and global wide. We are unable to list all. We have selected the one with representative meaning for you to have a glance at. Also these model are quite suitable for overseas market too,

which is with neat design and high price performance ratio kids camera. If for example in China, the local Chinese market will prefer a quite different style of design which you can refer to “Are there any difference of kids camera popular in China to the one prevailing abroad?”

I have other models or tooling I like but unable to locate on your website. What should I do?

You can send to our sales consultant for analysis. There are hundreds of thousands of kids camera tooling in market. We will analyze if we have approach as well as advantage for the tooling you inquired and give you a feedback within same day. Under most circumstances we are able to give you a satisfactory answer as we are familiar with most the kids camera supply chain namely tooling house, design house, lcd etc.

What certification your company can offer for the kids camera?

For most of models we have CE, Rohs and FCC certification issued by Chinese local testing laboratory. If you need the certification from big testing lab like SGS, TUV., can contact us. Upon consensus on expenses we will send the models you ordered to test in big testing labs. Some customers might also demand REACH test, which we have encountered before, can also fulfill customers request with expenses agreement. If you are shipping to Korea then we can offer KC report for battery. But of course,

with KC passed battery the price will be slightly higher. If you are selling on cross boarder e-commerce platform then CPC might de demanded to submit. For details you can refer to ” I am or I want to be an Amazon kids camera seller? What special certification I need to get?”

CE kids-camera-certificates-1030x486

Are there any difference of kids camera popular in China to the one prevailing abroad?

Chinese market is different for other market too. In Shenzhen or in China, a kids camera life timeline is shorter than the models overseas. We have witnessed the not only the kids camera selling abroad situation at the same time have many Chinese local customers too.

It requests quicker iteration. For example a kid camera model is becoming popular here in China on youku, douyin, and tmall, jingdong and off line chain store after promotion. But soon the market needs a new idea or new look to continue this passion. The overseas kids camera market is still a great market and models are capable to sell abroad for longer years. Another aspect is the difference in appreciation of beauty.

Chinese market is with bigger intention for comprehensive and special selling point and cartoon featured kids camera models, and with comparatively complicated design, unlike the neat design more popular abroad. You can select models most suitable for your countries condition. If you have difficulties in making choices, you can refer to our sales consultant for a professional opinion.


What is the MOQ for kids camera?

Normally for OEM kids camera order our MOQ is 1,000pcs if you need to customize print the package, box, user manual, etc. If you need to silk print on the device, then MOQ per each colour tooling or housing is 1,000pcs too. For new customer we can discuss 500pcs silk print on tooling case however.

Customize powering on and off picture is a simple and easy job for us. If you want to add your logo or company name at the turning on screen do not hesitate to inform us. MOQ is also 1000pcs.

If you want us to modify the icon of kids camera however the MOQ needs to be 5000pcs minimum. As this will be related to source code modification that requires our design house to cooperate and adjust the software. But be relieved that we do not charge for this customization.

Other deeper level ODM requirement you can contact our sales person for a better knowledge. Or refer to our article: What is the ODM process for kids camera? I want to customize kids camera as a completely new one from head to toe what steps should I take?

If you do not need to customize kids camera and maintain our general package and box then MOQ could be less. 100pcs or 200pcs is ok. If you need us to send small quantity sample we can also send to you via your forwarder or our forwarder or express delivery like DHL Fedex.

Kids camera accessories

Default accessories

  • Micro USB cable
  • Sling
  • User manual
  • Waterproof case- for waterproof kids camera
  • Optional accessories
  • TF card or Micro SD card.

Micro SD card applied in kids camera is better Class 10 speed one. If you uses Class 6 speed one then corresponding problems might be generated such as system temporary crash, black screen, camera shooting jam, flickering screen etc. Using a high speed TF card with reliable quality is a basic guarantee to ensure good user experience for kids camera.

For the micro SD card capacity, there is choices from 4G to 32G. Namely 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G. Capacity beyond this range like 512MB, 2G or 64G is available but are seldom selected by kids camera seller.

About the comprehensive function kids camera what do you think on and its future

Up till now the best selling camera for children is still the simple and single function kids camera. Meaning the one with photo, video, filter, special effect, simple game only. The effort we have made can be described as a creative attempt.

The combination of kids camera with walkie talkie, with touch panel, with waterproof function, with bubbling, with NES game etc. are all quite interesting model but the market is not as big as the common function kids camera. The market and parents and children’s rigid demand is still to be unveiled. If however we do can combine a more practical function for example like the projector camera we are developing now with the kids camera then it can be a huge success with bigger chance.

Normal issues with after sales service problem

We guarantee that each device test in good condition before shipment. If you find any problems when received, please take photo or video and contact us first. There are some beyond our control such possible damage caused by hit, falling down during transportation. We will try our best to help solve if any defective. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Based on our customer feedback, the following listing are some common issues.

Category 1- small dot issue

It’s within our testing standard range. It fits our testing standard.

Please try to test in normal condition,do not shoot pic. under complete  white or black background.

If you have special requirements and inspection standards, please inform us before production.

Malfunctioning machine 1 Malfunctioning machine 2

Category 2 – black shadow

It is mostly because the screen hit the tooling during transportation process.

Malfunctioning machine 3

Category 3 – blurred screen

It’s probably camera is loose, falling off or broken during transportation process.

Malfunctioning machine4

Category 4 – power on problem

The camera can’t power on without connect charging cable.

Please try reactivate the battery,  remove the battery and re-solder on, then full charge the device.

Malfunctioning machine 6 Malfunctioning machine 58

Category 5 –  stop working, press any key camera no action

Please try resetting camera, press the reset key with a paper clip.

Malfunctioning machine 7

Category 6 – not read memory card

We advice use high speed class 10 micro SD card, maximum support 32GB.

Blog Storage card

Category 7 – memory card full

Please try format SD card erase all data in the SD card before take photos.

Category 8 – how to export pictures

Use card reader to save the files on the memory card to the computer.

Card reader

After sales service:

Buyer can send defective back to us for repair and then we’ll send back together on next shipment. And also some customers they order supplement material and repair themselves, we send video support.

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