How to use a child camera

Here will introduce some of the company’s popular children’s camera usage and operating settings, in order to quickly improve children’s hands-on experience using children’s cameras.

The children’s camera exclusively for children can not only shoot as you want, some children’s cameras also support front and rear dual-camera, support Selfie and video, timed shooting, continuous shooting, puzzle games, and also come with self-portrait stickers with changeable styles, sticker printing and so on.

Let children explore and discover beautiful things in the process of outdoor play, use children’s camera to record their own childhood, recognize the colors of nature, observe the shape of scenery, even distinguish sounds, learn basic composition, exercise Hands-on ability, aesthetic ability. Knowing aesthetics from an early age will help them cultivate their passion for life in the future. Children who can take pictures are also more popular with friends.

Children taking pictures


Photo printing camera

Instant kid camera is a combination of kid camera function and instant picture printing function. Without the micro sd card, our model can also print pictures captured by children. The printing colors are black and white, and no ink is required at all. It uses thermal printing technology and uses thermal paper that is widely used on supermarket counters, so end users can easily access thermal paper purchase channels in supermarkets or chain stores like staples.   Kids Instant Print Camera

New print children's camerav1 P9 Camera main image New print camera Print camera 680 front 1

How to install the printing paper correctly

First open the back cover storing the stickers, take out a roll of printing paper, and insert the printing paper in the direction as shown below (if you touch the printing paper carefully, you will find that one side is relatively smooth, and this smooth side is used for printing imaging One side.) Other types of printers and cameras have the same operating methods.

Steps to install the printing paper 2 Steps to install the printing paper 1 Steps to install the printing paper 3

How to print image and clear

(1) First print the camera can also print out without a memory card. Only printing paper is required. After the printing paper is installed, turn it on and enter it

Enter, click the camera icon, you can take a photo of the object to print.

Camera settings P9 Camera main image

(2) If the printout is not clear, you can increase the “Print Density” in the settings. The environment should be in a normal and bright environment, and the hand should not be shaken during shooting, and the printout effect will be the best.

Set operation Printing paper density

(3) Type of printing paper

Type of printing paper Type of printing paper 1

How to use waterproof camera

Waterproof cameras are generally small in size and easy to carry. The included waterproof case can dive to a depth of up to 80 meters. The body is small and still retains the functions of photos, videos, recordings, games, as well as photos and frames, and supports time-lapse and video Filters and other functions. Suitable for surfing, cycling, diving, skiing and other outdoor activities. The accessory kit parts can be attached to the helmet, bicycle handle, and skateboard. Very suitable for lively children who like outdoor sports.  Waterproof children’s camera

How to use the parts of the waterproof camera accessory bag

Waterproof camera accessories are as follows. The installation and use methods of all waterproof cameras are the same. Generally, accessory kits for helmets and handles are provided.

Waterproof camera accessories 4

Bicycle/skateboard handle installation steps

installation and use can choose to use with waterproof shell or not, depending on the situation self-assembly suitable for riding, handrail skateboard, and other outdoor sports tools with handrails.

128B Accessories 128B Bike stand demo1 128B Bike stand demo2

Helmet installation steps

the helmet installation steps are relatively complicated, we will install it step by step, first assemble the accessories, then fix the waterproof camera, and then install it to the helmet, this combination is suitable for mountain climbing, cycling, skiing, surfing, etc. Wait for outdoor sports with helmets.

Waterproof camera accessories Waterproof camera 3 Waterproof camera can wear a helmet 1 Waterproof camera can wear a helmet 2


Camera that can spit bubbles

Bubble camera is a toy that many children like to play with, but because of incorrect operation methods, the camera has problems. The biggest problem of bubble camera is the problem of water tank leakage, which is faced by many manufacturers. Question, we will try our best to design the best, but still need correct operation techniques to maintain the life of the camera. The bubble camera still retains the camera’s functions of taking pictures, videos, music, puzzle games, etc. in the function of spitting bubbles. It is easy to operate with one-click spitting of bubbles.

How to make bubble liquid

It is not recommended to make bubble liquid by yourself. There are many raw materials for making bubble liquid on the market for sale. Foam sheet, foam powder, foam liquid, we only need to buy it and perform the dilution and water operation. Get a perfect bubble liquid

Types of bubble powder

How to install the bubble liquid after making it

for our two existing bubble cameras, I will show you how to install it in the form of a diagram

Install bubble bottle 2 Install bubble bottle

Why does the bubble camera not produce bubbles?

(1) The bubble camera is driven by batteries. First, check whether the camera battery is charged. If it has not been charged for a long time or if the battery is replaced, first consider the reason for the lack of power.

(2) The bubble-producing pipe is blocked or bent seriously. The bubble water of the bubble camera comes out through the camera tube. First, open the cover of the bubble water and check if the roommate is blocked or bent seriously. , Can be dredged with thin iron wire or other tools, and then adjust the position of the pipeline to prevent bending.

(3) The circuit board is short-circuited. Many children play with the bubble camera at an excessively large tilt angle, which will cause the bubble water to flow into the machine. The circuit board will easily short-circuit when exposed to water. You need to wait until the bubble machine is completely dry before trying.

(4) The bubble water does not meet the requirements. The bubble machine’s liquid is not enough or the bubble water is too thin. The special bubble water made by the bubble camera can make the bubbles large and not easy to burst. If it is inferior bubble water, Bubbles may not be generated normally. If the above cannot be solved, you can consider replacing the bubble water.

(5) The machine is malfunctioning. In this case, it is recommended to send it back for repair or re-purchase.

Children’s walkie talkie

The most important function of walkie-talkies is real-time intercom, so most children’s walkie-talkies do not have the function of taking pictures. Children’s walkie-talkies have a certain positive effect on the communication between parents and children and the outdoor social interaction of children. Whether at home or outdoors, I I believe that when children see interesting things, they will use walkie-talkies to call us over and take a look. You can carry it when you travel outdoors. Such a gadget, once a new gameplay is unlocked, will bring more joyful moments for parents and children.  Children’s intercom camera

Below I will focus on the use of a walkie-talkie that is newly developed by the company that can be used for video calls and SMS chats.

How to make an intercom

First, turn on the two walkie-talkies. Don’t get too close or too far away. You will hear a “chittering” sound. At this time, you press the “PPT” button on the side of one of the two radios and speak into the speaker, and the other one I heard it. The other one operates in the same way. Note that pressing is to speak, and releasing is to receive. Do not press the keys at the same time on the two machines.

Boot up ppt按键

Below I will focus on the use of a walkie-talkie newly developed by the company that can be used for video calls and SMS chats.

(1) In addition to the most basic intercom functions, this walkie-talkie can also be used for video calls, text messaging, photo sharing, instant photo sharing, and more.

Can send emoticons to walkie-talkies Intercom available for chat Intercom that can transmit pictures Video walkie talkie

(2) Operation steps

First turn on the two walkie-talkies and press the yellow button on the right side of the two devices at the same time to pair them. After the pairing is successful, you can start a new interactive mode.

Video intercom

Telescope-style children’s camera

It is a combination of a telescope and a camera. It is a telescope camera that retains the telephoto function and the camera/video function. The maximum viewing distance of the telescope can reach 1.5 kilometers. It is a fun children’s toy. Comes with interesting filters, photo stickers, puzzle games, language settings and more. It is easy to carry when traveling outdoors and can be operated with one hand. It comes with a lanyard to prevent falling. What you see with it seems to happen in front of your eyes. Here are some real shots to show the magic of this camera. Telescope children’s camera

In a building with a shooting distance of about 1 km

The mobile phone has no telephoto function compared to the telescope camera. The contrast effect is very obvious. The telescope camera can even see the structure of the house, including several houses and several panes of glass. . This is the magical charm of telescope cameras.

Telephoto effect 2

Use removable lithium battery, long service life, green and environmental protection

lithium battery 1 Children's camera and lithium battery

Special design, easier to operate with one hand

Hand-held children's camera


The above is a graphic explanation of the special functions of some special children’s cameras of our company. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message. We will reply as soon as possible. Similar blogs to help you understand how to choose children’s cameras.

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