We provide real function digital camera for kids usage at cheap price. It maintains basic function of digital camera as photo shooting and video recording, giving up the professional image dealing features as night mode, scenery mode, portrait, ISO, sports mode, white balance etc. Instead, kids digital camera adds functions more suitable and interesting for kids to use, such as funny frame, funny digital sticker, colour filter, small simple game, MP3 etc. The design and tooling are also a lot more cute than adult digital camera, with soft surface treatment like rubber oil painting, also some of models adopts waterproof and shockproof design to cope with children market.

Types of Kids Digital Camera

Elementary Digital Kids Camera

Elementary kids camera or basic kids camera has always been the mainstream in the market.

Cartoon Kids Camera

Literally speaking, cartoon kids camera maintains all basic feature and function of basic kids camera, on this basis it develops a cute design tooling shape.

Waterproof Kids Camera

There are mainly two categories of waterproof kid camera, one is host waterproof, like our SC003 model, meaning it is waterproof without need of any supplementary parts like waterproof case.

Big Screen Kids Camera

Big screen kids camera are becoming all the more popular since last year end. Back before, 2 inch and 2.4inch small size screen kids camera takes the mainstream.

Kids instant print camera here we discuss and sell are thermal printing, black and white colour only.

Kids Walkie Talkie Camera

Kids walkie talkie camera mainly includes two big categories, one is on the basis of kids camera , adding voice walkie talkie only, another is kids camera with video mutual talk function.

Kids DV Camera

Kids DV camera, from function perspective is also a basic kids camera with all elementary features. But the tooling and design is a mimic to adult digital DV shape.

Kids Bubbling Camera

Kids bubbling camera is a combination of simple kids bubbling device with kids camera. We have two models so far under this group.

Telescope Kids Camera

Our kids telescope camera is a kids camera adding real telescope function up to around 1.5KM distance. We first issued this creative idea in market 3 years ago.

NES Game Kids Camera

Kids NES game camera adds the 8 bit or 16 bit professional portable game player function to basic kids camera.

As the name suggests, a student camera is a small digital camera designed specifically for the student era with a youthful campus style.

Kids Camera Advantages

Right after kids camera became popular years ago, more and more manufacturers in Shenzhen started to enter this field and developed numerous models with creative functions. Kids digital camera has formed a special niche market already and its own mature supply chain. The technology of kids camera are updating day by day and there are a group of people dedicated to this field. We are one of the company specializing in this area.

Kids digital camera usually adopts a smaller size screen ranging from 1.77inch to 3.5 inch and an elementary hardware image sensor 0.3M or 1.3M compared to that of adult digital camera, there are other spec. for example 4.39inch screen or 5M sensor for example, but those are by no means the mainstream for children camera. Kids camera has already formed its own market in worldwide range for both on line and off line channels like super market, gift stores, E-commerce platform and governmental purchase.

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Can I apply water-printing or print colorful design on kids camera ?

E2 model can do the effect you need as you can check below barbie OEM effect we produced: P17, P30, P18, P19, X18, P8– These models some are flat front tooling some are with curve surface. For flat one i.e. P17 P19 X18  we can adopt colour print- which is of cheaper cost , effect […]

How to use a child camera

Here will introduce some of the company’s popular children’s camera usage and operating settings, in order to quickly improve children’s hands-on experience using children’s cameras.

How to start kids camera business?

To start kids camera business, you need to have a systematic knowledge for kids camera, from kids camera software to hardware, and market information like what certification you need to get to start kids camera business.

What is a good digital camera for kids?

Having difficulty to select a good digital camera for your children? Wanting to start your kids camera business career? Take a look at this professional analysis of kids camera product and you will have an idea.

How to OEM kids digital camera?

Need to OEM kids digital camera? Where can I customize kids camera? I want to develop a new kids camera, how do you make a camera for kids? If you have such puzzle you will definitely find below article helpful.