Kids instant print camera here we discuss and sell are thermal printing, black and white colour only. Using thermal paper and no ink is required at all. One roll paper can print around 80 or 100pcs picture, plus this thermal paper is quite convenient to get approach to in supermarket.

Kids Instant Print Cameras For Sale

P1S back-oblique-left-45°
680B print camera front 1

Camera Market

From the year before last, thermal instant print camera has become popular in Shenzhen factory and selling abroad, but this year is a rapid developing period for kids print camera. Interestingly, many of the factories and companies has reached consensus to develop their own private tooling for kids print camera. So you may find various tooling shape under this print camera category. Kids instant print camera has not reached its summit period or flouring stage yet, there’s still big potential for this niche market and its application scenario is becoming all the more diversify including but unlimited to kids entertaining, class study, paper and documents printing assistance etc. This may have been a strange idea to EU and American customers but to use it as printing of homework errors has been popular in China and other Asian countries like Korea. Up till now, chipset Jianrong has taken a big market share in most of the kids print camera PCBA. The major difference lies in the different shape and tooling as mentioned.