Kids walkie talkie camera mainly includes two big categories, one is on the basis of kids camera , adding voice walkie talkie only, another is kids camera with video mutual talk function. When we participated Hongkong fair and CES fair in 2019, we have already released and discussed this notion with customers, then soon in the middle of 2019 we have released the first P11 kids voice talk camera. Its theory is quite simple, to add the RF walkie talkie module and antenna to a common kids camera.

Kids Walkie Talkie Cameras For Sale

New wakie talkie pink
XJ15 Main picture
D100 front
XJ11 front
12V front

Camera Functions

Normally it can support multiple users to participate together in a group conversation without need to select band. All band and spec. we adopted are civilian use band only for kids entertainment. On the other hand, kids video walkie talkie camera we are keep developing constantly. Up till now, two-way video talk camera has its limitation under only 100Meter or 200Meter as its maximum distance. The video talk function we are discussing here is without need to insert SIM card to connect to internet, rather than adopting the drone transmission technology. The enhanced version as of longer distance up to 1KM or 2KM is still an issue to be conquered.