There are mainly two categories of waterproof kid camera, one is host waterproof, like our SC003 model, meaning it is waterproof without need of any supplementary parts like waterproof case. Another kind is with waterproof case. Practically speaking, there’s little chance for kids to go to extreme environment therefore kids waterproof camera is not designed for too harsh condition, despite the design conception is from professional action camera like gopro. 1.5Meter underwater and daily water splash proof is quite enough for kids to use. Waterproof kids camera, similar to most of the action camera, is equipped with a tripod screw on the bottom of the case or waterproof case, to enable kids to integrate tripod, bike mount, helmet mount etc. to the kids camera. Regarding the accessories you can either contact us to buy or purchase at local shops as almost all the port are universal.

Waterproof Kids Cameras For Sale

850 Waterproof case Oblique right 45°
E1 Product view 6
K8 After left oblique 45 °
P19 waterproof cam front 2
128B Rear right oblique 45° Waterproof case
K5 After left oblique 45 °
198 back Waterproof case
520 back
128A Rear right oblique 45°Waterproof case