What is a good digital camera for kids?

Having difficulty to select a good digital camera for your children? Wanting to start your kids camera business career? Take a look at this professional analysis of kids camera product and you will have an idea.

A good digital camera for kids needs to take below factors into consideration, but more important thing is to select the most suitable one for your children’s demand.

  • Kids safety consideration
  • Functionality cope with kids demand
  • Good Design
  • Cope with application environment
  • Software fun

Material safety and structure design safety

Camera for children should adopt safe material while manufacturing. From outside tooling case to inside PCBA and components, ROHS material is a basic standard for a good kids camera. From design perspective, a good kids camera should avoid small gadgets easily taken off by children to avoid swallowing and choking hazard. Especially for lower age children, the sealing of all port by screw or by soft rubber plug is quite necessary. Because Micro SD card or TF card has chance to eject upon pushing while changing it.

P9 the following 1 P9 the following 2T card protection 2  T card protection 1

Surface treatment

Surface treatment is related to the tooling case treatment. When children touch kids camera, this is the part that connected to their hands and skin. Therefore surface treatment is a major concern for kids camera. For example rubber oil painting is softer than that of pure plastic.

Comparison chart 1

Regarding rubber oil painting, for some of our elementary models it adopts one layer rubber oil painting. If using two layer of rubber oil painting, then the touch feeling is even softer and silky. Especially in winter times, it won’t be feeling so cold upon touching and using the kids camera. However, rubber oil painting cover after long time usage is easily tainted by stain and absorb other object colour nearby, and not that easy to clean.

Shell spray

Double layer oil 2

Pure plastic cover however is plain upon touching it. The good thing for pure plastic surface treatment is that it is easier to clean. If you kids are more likely to sweat in hands it is a better option to select the pure plastic cover as it is smoother.

E6 back3.5 mode1 back


Kids camera for boy or for girl is usually coming with different colours. Best seller colour for kids camera up till now based on most of exporters data is still pink and blue. Most of the baby girl will tend to select pink colour kids camera for their children. Whereas for boys camouflage is also a very good option.

If you are a starter in kids camera distribution however, pink and blue are always the safe colour to begin. We have also produced many colour such as purple, white, orange, red, etc, but most popular one are still pink and blue.

ID Design tooling

Kids camera tooling influence and decide how the kids camera look like and what shape it come out to be embodied in front of end users. The appearance of the kids camera is a very important selling point or to some extent the crucial factor without exaggeration partly due to the end user group is kids that are more easily attracted by a good looking design.

For the pattern design, there are comparatively flat design and cartoon shape like rabbit or animal mimic design. If you are parents or friends selecting gifts for children, take a little time to think or ask children’s preference is necessary. Even for different countries and districts taste for cartoon animal is various.

T5 After left oblique 45 °X11 Camera color 1

For lower age kids like 3 or 4 years it is better to select small size dimension camera, or with two hands grip one to make it easier for kids to hold. For middle age children you can select a comparatively neat and flat design kids camera but with bigger screen.

E6 Children’s Camera

New 3.5 inch children’s camera

E6 Oblique right 45° E6 After left oblique 45 ° 3.5 inches Camera real shots 1 3.5 inches After left oblique 45 °

Function selection

There is basic function kids camera and multi-function kids camera. Upon selecting kids camera, function is also one of the top major concern. If you children first experience kids camera, then basic function camera is good enough. An elementary kids camera normally include photo shooting and video taking function, small game, colour filter and funny picture frame.

Photo stickerFilter Puzzle game Photograph Video

When children get familiar with all these function, big chance are they are more likely to demand a comprehensive function model or upgraded version. Below is a chart to elaborate the function list of each multi-function kids camera.

If you kids are going for outside camping for example, selecting a complex type kids camera with walkie talkie function is quite necessary. It can add interest for kids to play, also enable kids to communicate with each other in a group together. We have video mutual talk model mass production already and video talk model under development.

P11 Effektbild

If your kids like to print out the photo they take and keep memory, then instant thermal print camera is a better option. At current times we only have black and white instant print camera for production at very fair and acceptable price. Colour print is not available.

P9 Camera main image

Kids bubbling gadget is a commonly seen toy for kids, and our bubbling camera effectively combine this bubbling function to basic kids camera, which greatly increased the convenience. Children can play the kids camera in the meantime press a button then the colourful bubble will pop out automatically to help create a romantic atmosphere and form a natural photo background.

Cope with application scenarios

For above content we have only discussed using kids camera under normal condition. There are some special application scenarios kids will be confronted with. A good kids camera should cope with corresponding application scenarios too. For example, in the swimming pool, or going outside on rugged road. Under these circumstances, a normal kids camera cannot fulfill this demand. A waterproof camera and a shockproof camera is quite necessary then.

Waterproof camera we have host waterproof camera without need for waterproof case. Another alternative is to use transparent water proof case. If children want to use the kids camera to record daily life interest, the waterproof case has a hidden powerful usage, that at the bottom there’s a screw position to connect to universal bike mount,

helmet mount, similar to that of action camera. Normal and basic kids camera model do not have this special design.

128B Scene display 1 128B Waterproof camera

Up till now we have various design for kids waterproof camera with different screen inch size.  considering the actual situation, the waterproof level of kids camera is not that strong as adult action camera, but quite enough for children to use in swimming pool or daily usage.

Software Fun

A good kids camera should well consider bringing fun for kids. Therefore, the software setting to customize from children’s angle is quite important. Our kids camera default powering on image is a cute colourful picture designed for kids. It also support logo customization.

Boot interface 2Boot interface 1

Also the UI and Icon specially cope with children taste. Normally our default UI includes 5 or 6 major function each been marked with playful icon, photo, video, album, MP3, game and setting. Under photo and video category children can have multiple selection as funny frame for the photo and video, group clients can also send their own pattern and design to us for customization.

Also support colour filters, which enable the photo to be shot under different colour background. Special effect to distort and manage the image in a funny way is also a standard configuration for our kids camera.

Filters and haha mirrors Collection of stickers

MP3 is an optional function for our kids camera. Most of our models we have embedded this function in the software. But customers can appoint to keep or delete this function as in some countries or region they prefer not to keep it. Good thing for MP3 and MP4 is that children can copy the movie or music they like into micro sd card and use the kids camera as MP3 or MP4 player.

For almost all our models we also put the game function as default configuration. These games we select cope with children demand and are easy to operate, such as push box, snake, tetris, etc.

Sound treatment is also an important factor when making a good digital kids camera. The shutter sound we adopts when kids pressing the shutter is pleasurable and with fun. Plus, the music goes with game and setting menu when kids press the up and down button for selection is enjoyable too.

Each sound should be form a relaxing and interesting atmosphere while children play the camera. 

Easy to carry

A good digital kids camera should well consider the portability. For children of small age it is better to select a smaller size one with 2.0 or 2.4inch maximum. Children of older age can pick larger one such as 3.5inch or above. Normally we have design on the kids camera with a loop hole to cross the sling over so kids can either wear it on neck or wrist to avoid camera crush.

Bigger size kids camera we also offer a bilateral lanyard to enable kids hang it over the neck easily also to ease the weight.

A good kids digital camera should also well consider the slip resistance. Kids hand are smaller than adult and the camera itself should allow kids to hold it easily with either one hand or both hands. It should not be too thick or too heavy.

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